On 8 March 2019, the Cockett South Africa office visited Hannah’s Place of Safety in one of the less fortunate communities in Mitchell’s Plain.
Hannah’s Place of Safety is run by Janine Fabe and her husband Deon, who provide emergency foster care for children who are abandoned or removed from unfit parents/guardians which is unfortunately usually because of drugs, violence and/or abuse, which is still prominent in the surrounding area.
Janine and Deon take in children from new-borns up to the age of 6 – but the focus is mainly on the babies and they try to take care of them until they are successfully placed with a foster family.
The Fabe family adopted their daughter, Hannah, who was abandoned when she was a baby, and this inspired Janine to start her organization, HANNAH’S PLACE OF SAFTEY.
The team spent time with the babies currently in care – the youngest being a set of 3-week-old twins, while the eldest was only 9 months old. They listened to the heart-breaking stories of where some of them had come from and what these little babies have already been through in their young lives. It didn’t take very long for the little ones to creep into the hearts of our South African team and this subsequently made them appreciate the things we often take for granted in life. They were especially blown away to see the love and care these babies receive from Janine and her helpers and found it overwhelmingly inspiring.
The team has promised to continue to follow Hannah’s Place of Safety on Facebook for updates on the babies and to ascertain if there may be further ways to assist/contribute in future.
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