Services Overview

As one of the world’s largest value-added resellers of marine fuels, lubricants and petroleum products and services, Cockett Group is much more than a trading partner that simply provides competitive rates and timely delivery. We are a global solutions provider for our clients, and we offer quality assurance in line with ISO standards. Supported by comprehensive industry know-how, a deep understanding of the international landscape and access to an unparalleled global network of committed suppliers.


"Our services range from providing marine and other related petroleum products, services and claims handling, to long-term contractual offers, emergency supplies as well as specific technical and operational support in remote locations. Our global supply desk services are an integral element of our worldwide coverage with our onsite teams fully conversant with and equipped to handle local delivery constraints and individual port conditions. With all this in place, our international team consistently provides exemplary service levels and enjoys excellent relationships with local logistics stakeholders including shipping agents, barge operators, port operators and local authorities. The end result is safe and smooth operations – 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day."