Alternative Fuel


The maritime industry is engaging with alternative fuel sources in an effort to reduce its reliance on traditional bunker fuels and decarbonise the sector in accordance with various global ambitions. Cockett prides itself in our ability to source these alternative fuels in the required quantity and price, at the best location for the vessels’ voyage.

There are a vast array of alternative fuels being developed for marine use, including: methanol, LNG, ammonia and hydrogen and biofuels.

Specialising in reselling of marine fuels and bunkering, Cockett Group boasts a comprehensive service to our customers including technical capability, product financing and price risk management tools allowing us to provide a world of solutions to our customers’ demands.

Biofuels: Sustainable shipping practices are fast becoming industry best practice and Cockett prides itself on delivering sustainable bio-fuels and other alternative fuels to our customers. In particular, Cockett is ISCC EU and ISCC PLUS certified, allowing us to ensure that the fuel we provide is sustainably sourced, with clear evidence traceability of the sustainable products through the supply chain.