Following the 5th Middle East Bunkering Convention on the 3-6 February 2020 organised by Petrospot in Dubai, experienced editor, news journalist of Petrospot, Lesley Bankes-Hughes, reported: 
``Understanding the behaviour of the new VLSFOs entering the market is proving to be a ‘steep learning curve,’ said Cockett Group CEO, Cem Saral, and he also noted that scrubber equipped tonnage continues to grow at pace. The number of scrubber-equipped ships is expected to climb from 1,800 in 2018 to 3,800 in 2020, and Saral reminded delegates that some ‘40% of scrubbers orders are pending retrofit or waiting to go into the fleet.’ Demand for HSFO is expected to double between January-December 2020 and the market can expect to see a significant bunker premium on this product.``

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